M!M consultations on the accession to the EU Programme

Representative Mladiinfo Montenegro participated in the consultative meeting on the drafting of the Programme of Montenegro’s accession to the European Union from 2017 to 2018.

Consultation organized by the Ministry of European Affairs, 19.01.2017. at the “Centre Ville”- the Capital Plaza.
The meeting was opened by the Minister of European Affairs Aleksandar Andrija Pejovic, who pointed out that the draft was prepared on the Programme of Montenegro’s accession to the European Union, deposited for two year.
Planned a range of activities, both in strategic and in the legislative part.
“I expect that we will talk with you today and contributions we have received in recent days, and the extended deadline for the consultation of the civil sector, safely reach quality document that will be presented to the government next week’’, said Minister of European Affairs.
Secretary of the Negotiating Group for Negotiations on Accession of Montenegro to the European Union, Miodrag Radovic, gave a brief overview of the document containing over 700 pages. He singled out the fact that for a period of two years planned 817 commitments, of which 76 in the strategic part of the 741 commitments in the legislature.
Civil society representatives underlined their dissatisfaction, they said, because of the inability to change the text of the draft Programme of Montenegro’s accession to the European Union because it is already finished and prepared a document, which next week will be on the agenda of the Government.

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