m!M held the first workshop on the development of women’s entrepreneurship

On June 6 and 7, 2020, the NGO Mladiinfo Montenegro held the first workshop within the project “Through Business to Equality” at the Hotel Yugoslavia in Nikšić. The target group of the project consists of fifteen women, from the municipalities of Nikšić, Podgorica and Berane. The project envisages holding three workshops, but also a visit to Tehnopolis, Mtel digital factory, as well as the development of business plans.
Lecturers on the first day of the workshop were: President of the NGO Mladiinfo Montenegro Milica Žugić, NGO Business Center Darko Žugić, NGO Union of Young Entrepreneurs of Montenegro Uroš Bulatović. The introductory part presents the project itself, the agenda and the participants individually. After that, each participant presented their business idea. Some of the business ideas were: production of mushrooms, aromatic juices and natural soaps, then opening websites, educational blogs, the idea of one of the participants is to open a dental office, then open a flower shop, which would be far more creative than others, production of cakes and pastries, as well as opening the portal. Each business idea was discussed individually. Participants came across a handful of adequate advice and suggestions on developing business ideas, but also on starting a business and financing. On the second day of the workshop, they talked about recognizing the potential market, forming prices on the market, recognizing competition and fighting competition. Through live experiences from young entrepreneurs from Montenegro such as: Andrej Šeter on behalf of the company “QQRIQ”, Djordje Stojovic brand “MONTENEGRINA”, Svetlana Vavic and Mariana Tomic company “BARK PARK” – Five Zones, participants could hear a lot of useful advice , how the very beginning of their business went, what difficulties they went through, what nice and less nice situations they faced, what is actually the key that every future entrepreneur needs to own in order to be successful in their business.
For any person who wants or is an entrepreneur, the market is the key to business. For this reason, before entering the market, it is necessary to research the potential market in order to get a clear idea of who the customers are and what they prefer. It is also necessary to have a good knowledge of the competition, because if we do not know the competition, we risk that the business will fail in the market.
During the workshop, many topics were covered that will be of great importance to future entrepreneurs at the very beginning of business, as well as for further work and improvement of their business.
We believe in women’s entrepreneurship and we are here to create a stimulating environment for all women entrepreneurs. The project “Through Business to Equality” was supported by the Ministry of Human and Minority Rights.

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