m!M is organizing a humanitarian action for the Ivezaj family

m!M is organizing a humanitarian action for the Ivezaj family

NGO Mladiinfo Montenegro (m!M) will be collecting aid for Ivezaj family in Podgorica on December 17, 2020. The stand will be set up on Independence Square from 10 am to 9 pm. During that period, citizens will be able to donate clothes, shoes, as well as groceries and hygiene products.

Lindita Ivezaj is a single mother of five, of whom the youngest child is three and the oldest 12 years old. After her husband, from whom they had suffered physical violence for years, died, she was left alone to support five children. That was two years ago.

Thanks to the help of the citizens, a house was built for the family last year, so that they would have a roof over their heads. However, their problems did not end there. Namely, they live on social assistance, 200 euros a month. Almost half of that is spent on electricity and the rest on groceries. Of course, that is not enough. How do they cope is hard to imagine. From the conversation with the family, we concluded that they need food the most, considering that they do not have enough money to afford enough.

We invite all fellow citizens to join the action and bring things they do not need, food, hygiene products to the Square where our volunteers will be waiting and help the Ivezaj family.

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