m!M launches “Corruption and Crime in Nikšić” campaign

NGO Mladiinfo Montenegro, on the International Anti-Corruption Day 9.12.2020, launched the campaign “Corruption and Crime in Nikšić”, as part of a project “Raise your voice against irregularities”, which was supported by the Global Initiative against Transnational Organized Crime through the Resistance Fund.

The project aims to reduce crime and corruption in the municipality of Nikšić and to motivate local citizens to report corruption and crime in Nikšić.

On the International Anti-Corruption Day, an invitation was issued for citizens to report irregularities in the work of local and public institutions, crime and corruption.

They can do this by calling or texting +382 68 078 424, or by email at:

Sent reports will be anonymous, while the NGO Mladiinfo Montenegro will submit applications instead of the persons who sent the report.

In addition to the invitation that was published on the sites and, promo banners were published and billboards were made in Nikšić, in order to reach as many citizens as possible.

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