m!M organized a workshop “Pyramid of Hate”

The NGO Mladiinfo Montenegro organized a workshop “Pyramid of Hate” in Mtel digital factory in Podgorica on October 26, 2020. The workshop was attended by 15 young people aged 15 to 30, who had the opportunity to meet through various games designed by the lecturers.

The topic of the workshop was the pyramid of hate and five levels in it: prejudice, acting on the basis of prejudice, discrimination, violence and genocide. In the second part of the workshop, which was intended for group work, the participants were able to choose one of the vulnerable groups in Montenegro and present it on the model of the pyramid of hate. The topics they chose were: LGBTQ population, women, Roma and youth in Montenegro. Participants gave explanations as to why these groups of people are on the pyramid of hate, to what extent and what we can do to positively influence society and the environment.

The workshop is part of the project “(t)Error Violence: Role of Gender and You(th)” funded by the European Youth Foundation.

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