m!M organized the final conference

NGO Mladiinfo Montenegro organized the final conference on December 17 within the project “Mladiinfomne – info service for youth” funded by the Ministry of sports. On this occasion, they presented the results of the research on forms, patterns, and frequency of violence in high schools in Montenegro.

This year, the Ministry of sports has supported 86 projects which are linked to crucial outcomes of the Strategy for the youth. This year we have given half a million for the youth and we hope we will continue like this. A few days ago, we evaluated the Action Plan for 2018 and we are very satisfied because we completed over 90% of measures. Let me comment on these two projects – one project is the app for the youth where they can be informed via technology. The second project is focused on the research regarding the suppression of violence. I reviewed the analysis and results are very bad and I think institutions in Montenegro should be concerned with this topic, said Andrea Popovic from the Ministry of sports. The NGO Mladiinfo Montenegro representative Milica Zugic spoke more on projects themselves. The project “Mladiinfomne – info service for youth” was announced at the press conference on the occasion of our birthday March 30. Our info service encompasses the website www.mladiinfo.me, Android app “Opportunities for youth” and now we have created the IOS version, respectively the iPhone app. We also trained young people to be info workers and we organized 9 workshops and 5 info days in Niksic and Berane. We informed not only the youth but their parents too on scholarships, conferences, tuitions and other opportunities for the youth both in the country and abroad, Zugic pointed out.

We also polled the youth on the bullying. The results of the survey were presented by Ognjen Markovic from CEDEM. Key analytical findings are:

  • The violence in high schools is very frequent. This especially means for the verbal violence which includes swearing.
  • A special problem is a fact that verbal violence is most frequently expressed on the religious and national basis.
  • One of the forms of violence is avoiding a member of any group. This form of violence is frequent and it happens due to differences in opinion, attitudes, and behavior.
  • The greatest problem is certainly the physical violence which is rather frequent.
  • The causes for fights are various but those are mostly: trifle and pointless reasons, alcohol, differences in the opinion and attitudes, swears and insults, ego problems, jealousy, male-female relations, national and religious causes.
  • Men much more participate in violence. In the central region, and especially at the seaside, the violence is more frequent in relation to the north. Pupils with bad grades participate in fights more frequently.
  • In the end, we concluded the professors and schools fight the violence in schools, Markovic said.




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