m!M organizes a workshop on writing a CV

NGO Mladiinfo Montenegro on Saturday 10.02.2018. Beginning at 2 pm, organizes a workshop “How to Write a CV”, at the Youth Center in Podgorica.


The workshop aims to help all interested individuals to learn how to write a good CV in a quick and efficient way.

The CV is an abbreviation for the Latin term Curriculum, which in translation means a stream, and the term Vitae – that is, life, and so is the meaning of a biography. Biography is an official, written form of personal promotion, and it can also be said of personal advertisements.

At this workshop you will be able to learn how to separate from the mass, that is, what kind of CV it should actually be, which information it includes. In addition, they will also get practical tips on how to write a good biography. The workshop will also include Europass – a European form for CV writing.

Visitors to this workshop will learn how to evaluate what skills they have and what they need to improve, as well as in what way.


No special conditions


Applications are sent to


February 9, 2018


The workshop will also present members of the Managing Board of the Montenegrin Youth Forum who will present this organization as well as their current work.

For more information, visit the Youth Info Montenegro website.

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