m!M presented the “Opportunities For Young People” application

NGO Mladiinfo Montenegro presented the “Opportunities For Young People” application that appeared within the “Shortcut For Opportunities” project, and the presentation was held on 26 September 2018 in the premises of the M-tel Digital factory. 

In the full room, where they sought a seat more, Elma Selmanovic introduced the present with the work and activities carried out by this NGO. As the organization carries out a great number of training exercises, youth exchanges, and various educations, participants had a chance to hear how they may get informed on their opportunities, which was an introduction into the presentation of the application itself. The president of the organization Milica Zugic informed the interested in the emergence of the application, and its functioning. As she says, the application emerged within the “Shortcut for opportunities” project, and Android version was released in 2017, whereas it has been upgraded this year, and is available for iPhone users. Step by step, Zugic explained how to register, and use this application. She gave useful advice on how to accelerate the search itself on the app, and what the most frequent keywords are necessary to be used to get to the wanted information as easy as possible.

There is a great number of opportunities for young people on the website as well as activities of the organization itself, the experience of the participants of various youth exchanges, and current affairs of the state regarding the young people. The app itself offers the opportunity to search only opportunities for young people in the fields of employment, scholarships, youth exchanges, training exercises, studying abroad etc. This app is, of course, a great easement for those having the need to be informed, and those in search of the ways of the academic specialization. Zugic also explained that thanks to one of the tools represented on the application, all users have a manner to mark some of the wanted news as important and to set a reminder on it in the term that suits them. They simply thought about everything.

Continuing the presentation, there was a talk on current opportunities offered to young people, and which in any case sparked the interest of the present. Over 30 young people followed the presentation carefully, and therefore, we may conclude that young people are indeed interested for the specialization, and now they have the easier way for the access to the desired information.

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