m!M visits Caritas in Bar

Within the youth exchange organized from 14 to 21 October, NGO Mladiinfo Montenegro visited the NGO Caritas in Bar.


Participants of the youth exchange had the opportunity to get to know the work of this organization, to find more about their previous, and future activities, and results. “First Caritas activities started 1979 in Montenegro when the huge earthquake shook the southern part of Montenegro. The next important phase in the development of the work was in the period of 1993-1998, when Caritas provided the humanitarian help to refugees from Croatia, Bosnia, and later to internally displaced persons from Kosovo, who crossed the Montenegrin border”, said Marko Djelovic, the coordinator of Caritas activities of the archdiocese in Bar.

This organization was a part of the structure of the Caritas of Yugoslavia, but it was later in the composition when republics of Serbia and Montenegro united. The organization established the separated national organization Caritas in Montenegro in 2011 and has become what it is today.

The main office of the Caritas Montenegro in Bar serves as a contact point for two Caritas offices: the Caritas of the archdiocese in Bar, and Caritas of the diocese in Kotor. Caritas Montenegro is the member of the Caritas International, and Caritas Europa.

The visit to Caritas is only one of the activities implemented within the project “Moving ideas forward: guidance to successful youth organisations”, which  Mladiinfo Montenegro organizes in cooperation with partner organizations European Dialogue from the Czech Republic, European Youth Press from Germany, Café Babel International association from France, Ung Media from Sweden, Manana Youth Educational Cultural Centre from Armenia, Bue Fixe from Portugal, Youth News Association in Bosnia, Scambieuropei from Italy, and Center for informational support of public initiatives “The Third Sector” from Belarus.

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