m!M volunteers at Fiat

NGO Mladiinfo Montenegro volunteers take part at the Festival of the International Alternative Theatre from 07 September to 16 September 2018 in Podgorica. Numerous domestic and foreign artists introduce themselves at the festival.


The program was open with the “Galactic Little Red Riding Hood” show in Kislev’s house, and the festival was also held in Cultural and Information Centre “Budo Tomovic” and Montenegrin People’s Theatre. The festival had a diverse and interesting program, while the audience also had free internet.

Ten plays were performed from various countries of the world and region:

  • “Galactic Little Red Riding Hood” (Spain) in cooperation with the Ramon Llull Institute, Barcelona.
  • “Spectre in the valley of Sentroflorian” (Slovenia, Serbia, Bosnia, and Herzegovina).
  • “Goodbye!” (Macedonia).
  • “Son” (Montenegro).
  • “KA-F-KA” (France) in cooperation with the French Institute, Podgorica.
  • “Mother and Son” (Albania).
  • “Bipolar” (Israel) in cooperation with the ambassador of Israel in Belgrade.
  • “Morgan and Freeman” (Hungary) and “Occasionally good sound” (Hungary) in cooperation with the Embassy of Hungary in Podgorica.
  • “Dream of life” (Croatia).

Within the selection of the competition and FIAT segment, the focus is the plays from Hungary in cooperation with the Embassy of Hungary in Podgorica:

  • “Occasionally good sound” – opera of Laszlo Sary.
  • “Morgan and Freeman” – performance, music, choreography and director Ferenc Feher.

There were also other programs such as:

  • Literary program: “Dream Street Ball”, and the promotion of Bozo Koprivica’ books “Even a boy can promise” and “Dream of the street”.
  • Arts program: Sculpture “Love is in the air” by Katarina Tomasevic Crawford, and “Organika” exhibition by Aleksandar Sasa Vukotic.
  • Film program: “Homage to Gojko Kastratovic”, one of the most significant Montenegrin creators, and the night of short movies by Norman McLaren.

DJs FM Mirda and DJ Britney’s Tears introduced themselves within the music program, and Montenegrin artist Marija Bozovic closed the festival. Other exhibitors of the creative industry also had an opportunity to present their work here. One of the is Adjelko Vasiljevic, who presented handmade decorative lighting, there also were handmade earrings of the brand “Sinonim”, and many others. The festival is to be held next year too, and as it promises, it will have a much greater impact on spreading the art.

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