NATO is the guarantor of a safe and secure future

It was announced at the NATO Conference: 1949 – 1999 – 2019 and the Twenty Years of Poland within the 70 years of the Alliance, which looks back at 70 years of NATO and twenty years since Poland joins NATO.

NATO is the guarantor of a secure future, security and contributes to the economic development, announced the President of the Atlantic Alliance of Montenegro, Savo Kentera.

He said that for 70 years, NATO has been successfully adapting to changes of the political circumstances to maintain peace and security. Although NATO’s primary goal and mission was the protection from the Soviet Union, today it would be unfair to characterize NATO solely as the most successful military alliance in modern history, Kentera said.

He said that a political alliance is as much as a military one, and that it requires member states to commit themselves politically to each other as allies. The role NATO plays in providing security and peace in Europe is beyond question. But as challenges become more numerous, the transatlantic commitment is under pressure on more fronts and NATO will have to adapt again, Kentera said.


Poland’s ambassador to Montenegro, Artur Dmohovski, said it had been twenty years since Poland became a member of NATO. Since joining NATO in 1999, Poland has felt great benefits in security and economic development. Since becoming a NATO member, with the help of NATO and its members, Poland has done a lot to build its security and was given the opportunity to decide at the same table as a sovereign state, Dmohovski said.

He said that Poland, as a member of NATO, has attracted more foreign investment and investment in the country. Poland has achieved better cooperation with NATO members since becoming a member than it had before joining NATO. He added that since its inception, NATO has had only one goal and that is to guarantee security worldwide. NATO is becoming stronger and more secure year by year from threats coming from other powers, Dmohovski said.

He said it was better for the Balkans to be a NATO member, referring to the 1990s. NATO will provide them with a stable, secure future as well as faster economic development, Dmohovski said.


He added that Montenegro is now a safe country since it joined NATO.State Secretary and National Coordinator for NATO, Dragan Pejanovic, said that Montenegro had secured its independence and territory by joining NATO. As 29th NATO member, Montenegro has been given the opportunity to decide with the most developed countries in the world, Pejanovic said.

He said that Montenegro had felt great benefits in the economic security field since becoming a NATO member. By joining NATO, Montenegro secured every millimeter of its territory and thus secured its borders, Pejanovic said.

In the last two years since Montenegro joined NATO, foreign investments and investor’s investment have increased significantly. Montenegro has strengthened its security system and accelerated economic development since joining NATO, Pejanovic said.

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