NGOs important in the EU integration process

The Center for Monitoring and Research (CeMI) organized a working breakfast on the EU integration on November 19th 2019 at the Hemera Hotel in Podgorica, attended by representatives of the NGO sector as well as a representative of the Mladiinfo Montenegro.

The aim of the breakfast was to exchange views on the EU integration of Montenegro: the main obstacles in the process, as well as recommendations for possible solutions.
The Public Policy researcher at the Monitoring and Research Center, Nina Kecojevic, emphasized the importance of non-governmental organizations in the integration process, despite their formal involvement in the negotiation structure, remain on the sidelines of the decision-making process. Therefore, further inclusion of the NGO sector and media representatives would not only have a positive impact on increasing the expertise of individual working groups, but would be a necessary step to further enhance the transparency of the integration process and increase the level of state democracy.
Representatives of the civil sector spoke about the contribution made so far, emphasizing the importance of greater involvement of young people who are critical of social circumstances and who remain excluded from this process. It was emphasized that the integration process is conducted primarily for the sake of citizens, that implies the functioning of society as a whole and therefore it is important to use the human resources that our country possesses and create the conditions for its action in achieving a common goal.
Although the Chapters 23 and 24 are undoubtedly important for the overall reform process and Montenegro’s progress on the EU integration path. Young people appreciate that by accentuating these two chapters, certain areas of migration are highlighted, insufficient information of young people, their education and access to the labor market, etc. However, it was also emphasized that progress in the rule of law chapters remains crucial for the effective implementation and consolidation of further initiatives and reforms.
The event was organized within the framework of the projects “Evolving or revolving: Institutional reforms and democratic legitimacy in Kosovo, Albania, and Montenegro”, which was implemented in cooperation with the Democracy for Development Institute, the European Balkans Fund and the European Movement in Albania.

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