Selected participants for sports camp and healthy lifestyle

NGO Mladiinfo Montenegro has selected participants for the camp of sport and healthy lifestyles which will be held in Kolasin from 19th till 23th of January 2020.

Twenty participants were selected. Gender selection was taken into consideration and priority was given to participants who had not previously attended similar camps and those who did not engage in professional sports. There are five people on waiting list in case someone drops out of the selected participants.

The contest of the camp will be filled with various workshops, games as well as socializing and other activities in town of Kolasin. In addition to the school hall, selected participants will have opportunity to visit Bianca Resort and Spa for free, so they can use facilities of the spa where they will be supervised by a trainer. The food, accommodation, refreshment and all necessary sport equipment are provided.

The camp is part of ‘Active and Healthy’ project supported by Ministry of Sport and Youth.

List of selected participants: Luka Popović, Daris Kajević, Mlađen Goranović, Danilo Kovačević, Nemanja Vorotović, Maša Đukanović, Nina Čović, Teodora Fatić, Edin Kliještorac, Jovana Ćetković, Aleksandra Vojinović , Marija Popović, Milica Pejić, Lejla Radončić, Andera Šubarić, Jelena Uskoković, Aleksa Obradović, Saša Kastratović.

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