Testimonial: Damir Babacic

Damir Babačić as a representative of the NGO Mladiinfo Montenegro participated in the seminar on social entrepreneurship “Social entrepreneurship-step forward”, held in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, which lasted from 27 May to 04 June 2018.

“This is the first time I have gone to this kind of training. The first day we had a comfortable conversation. It was a very nice experience to meet people from nine countries, their culture, customs, try their food and drinks. We also enjoyed while we listened to the successful businessman and motivational speaker Kemal, who encouraged us to think. It was a pleasure to listen to such a speaker and learn from him. We used this opportunity to ask questions that will affect our intellectual and business development. We also invited him to appear with us in Podgorica and share his knowledge with our fellow citizens, which he gladly accepted. Next to him at the round table was the representative of the UN that protects immigrants and deals with their problems. In the informal part of my stay in Sarajevo, I have to say something that is interesting for all young people and that is the nightlife, which is phenomenal in Sarajevo, but I would add that they have a free tram. You can visit the whole city without a cent, just beware of the control (three men in black). Good luck! In addition to all the above mentioned there is one thing that means a lot to me. I’ve perfected my English, I met up with a very smart and good people with whom I exchanged ideas and experiences. Of great importance is the fact that I met new people with whom I had the chance to get close to the work and have fun. On the sixth day we were divided into five groups, so we learned how to write projects. After this training in Sarajevo my horizons as far as social entrepreneurship is significantly expanded, especially after a visit to the high school where students have a room equipped with the latest techniques and technologies, thanks to the donation of the EU, where students can realize their ideas.

Sarajevo is the city that has the soul! There are no many natural beauties or national parks, but its treasure is people who always smile and are relaxed and helpful”, Damir Babacic conveyed his impressions.

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