Testimonial: Zeliha Hadzic

Representative of the NGO Mladiinfo Montenegro, ZelihaHadzic, a attended the festival ,,Ode to Life.

”The theme of this festival was very interesting and inspiring because we had an opportunity to get know that what is art from all the world with different artists and to get know how really it can be.The festival is not only concerned with culture and art, but also in its own way and with promotion of touristical potential of Montenegro.

The vision of the festival is to bring artists from all over the world, who are involved in different artistic disciplines, and to connect them into one global network, creating between them friendships that are imbued with art, different attitudes and world views that convey in a unique way their works.The festival was attended by artists from Nigeria, Italy, Lebanon, Morocco, Egypt, Jordan, Lithuania and many other countries.

It was a pleasure and an honor to be a part of this festival, and to spend time with these people.They have in some way conveyed to us their way of life, their tradition.We could deduce what kind of message they convey through their artistic paintings.

The atmosphere that ruled during our fellowship is something out of the ordinary, so many different cultures in one place, and so many similarities between them.We could conclude that based on the statements of the festival participants that they are very successful in their mission, especially when it comes to the promotion of Montenegro.I have improved comprehension and speaking my english language for two days with them.

I have improved my vocabulary, it is easier for me to communicate in english.I no longer have trouble saying something and feel more free to talk.I am grateful to Mladiinfo Montenegro for giving me a chance to meet these people and to gain knowledge and use shared experiences that I think will be useful in my future work.

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