The campaign “Your vote matters” has started

In Montenegro, the campaign “Your vote is important” has been launched, which advocates against abstention from going to the polls. The initiator of the campaign is a student Nermin Topovčić from Bosnia and Herzegovina, and a high school student from Bijelo Polje Ana Damjanović wanted to implement this idea in Montenegro, which she successfully achieved given the fact that the campaign in less than a month has more than 60 active members raise citizens, awareness of the importance of going to the polls. “There is an opinion among people that their voice cannot change anything and that politics is something they do not want to deal with, and they express their revolt through a categorical refusal to go to the polls, it is the personal choice of each of us and the responsibility we all bear. “That kind of revolt” I will not vote “can only bring harm to ourselves, no one, especially young people, must abstain from going to the polls,” Damjanovic said. The goal of the campaign is not to criticize the government or favor any political parties, but only to raise awareness of the importance of going to the polls.
Citizens are the ones who give legitimacy to elected decision-makers, if we look through history we will see that people have always fought for the right to vote and wanted to provide a form of government that allows everyone to vote and be elected on equal terms. The mountain was bequeathed to us by our ancestors, we cannot change what they did and what we inherited, but we are definitely the ones who shape the piece of land that our descendants will inherit by just fleeing our homeland and criticizing politicians , we will not achieve absolutely anything, we all want change, but desire is not enough, if you want change, you must first become one, not just be mere observers, but become directors of this play we call life “, said Ana Damjanović to all young people.
The campaign is conducted on three fronts, namely field activities, online activities, as well as media activities. Online workshops, forums, debates and conferences will be held through media activities. The campaign will last until the goal is achieved – that the turnout of citizens in the elections will be higher than in previous years and that the European standard will be achieved

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