“Through business to equality“, the second workshop has been held

The second workshop within “Through business to equality“ project was organized by NGO Mladiinfo Montenegro (m!M), supported by the Ministry of Human and Minority Rights, on the 27th and 28th of June 2020, in Yugoslavia hotel in Niksic. 15 women from Niksic, Podgorica and Berane are target group in this project.
Igor Goranovic and Dragan Goranovic, the owners of the G Consulting company, were the lecturers of this workshop.
At the beginning of the new workshop, the participants have introduced to the lecturers and then concretized their business plans, in order to get the adequate advice in all fields, when it comes to launching new business.
Some of the business ideas are: production of sampinjoni (mushrooms), aromatic juices and natural soaps, opening websites, opening dentist ordination, flower-shop, production of cakes for diabetics, raw cakes, launching portals, hospitality sector etc.
Within this workshop the participants had a task to present their business plan in more detail, determine analysis of market, target group, say who the competition and suppliers are, what the fixed assets are for launching business, the assortment of products, their description and prices.
In the introductory part, Igor Goranovic has met the participants with regulations linked to opening of enterprises, as well as the models. He was also talking about measures of support to entrepreneurship in Montenegro.
“The modern concept of economy implies that there is only service on the market, rather than products, that nobody buys products but services. When you sell the feeling to customer, your goods have no price.“, Goranovic said.
There was word on basics of Marketing, what it represents, namely includes.
“In Marketing we start from the service. Marketing means the creation of brand. It does not include only advertising. It starts from the product and in advertising is the explanation. Marketing is not only about boosting. You should clearly know what you are doing.“, stated Goranovic.
The second day of the second workshop was reserved for Balance sheet, Income statement and the difference between them.
“Do you know the difference between the Balance sheet and Income statement? Balance sheet concerns changes in capital, specifically. It gives an illustration what kind of enterprise it is, what property it owns. The Income statement concerns the successful period. It counts only incomes and expenses. When you talk to creditor, the only thing that interests them is the ability to return the credit. That is the information they need. You can find that through the Income statement and cash flows. In Balance sheet it is visible how many guaranties you can give for a credit. When you talk to the investor, they are interested in what time they can return what they have invested, unlike the banker who is interested in ability of returning the credit.“, Goranovic said.
During the lecture, Accounting was especially covered, where the women participants had the opportunity to discuss with lecturers and ask everything they are interested in this field.
This workshop has ended in summarizing impressions in topics covered, but the whole workshop too.

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