Verses for Natalija

Verses for Natalija

NGO Mladiinfo Montenegro in cooperation with the portal “Mladi Nikšića” and the literary club “Poenta Poetika” – PI “Zahumlje” organizes a humanitarian action for a one-year-old girl Natalija Ljumović in Nikšić. An evening of poetry “Verses for Natalija” will be held at the Public Institution “Zahumlje” on Monday, February 1, 2021. starting at 6 p.m.

This event will bring together famous poets from the town under Trebjesa, but also young people, who will recite both their own and the verses of world poets. In charge of the musical part of the program is the talented Anđela Tomić from Nikšić. Admission is free, and the donation box will be placed at the entrance and can be donated by all interested citizens.

Natalija Ljumović was born by emergency caesarean section in the 36th week. She did not cry after the birth, but after resuscitation she was urgently transferred to neonatology, where she was intubated and connected to breathing apparatus. Due to the lack of oxygen at birth, Natalija does not have the reflex of swallowing or sucking, she takes food exclusively on a tube through her nose, and she does not let out a voice because she is completely aphonic. In order to improve her condition, adequate medicines are needed, which are available in Macedonia.

You can also give your contribution by sending a message with the content “35” to the number 14543, as well as by payment to the bank account 520-41930-94 or foreign currency account 520042000001515152.

See you on Monday night in Zahumlje!

Verses for Natalija

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