Volunteers of the NGO Mladiinfo Montenegro are part of the Eko-svjesni (Eco-conscious) campaign

The Eco-aware campaign is part of a follow-up project conducted by participants in the School of Civic Education, organized by MAYAA and funded by the US Embassy in Podgorica.

Our volunteers Lorena Ujkić and Sara Kovačević are part of this project, together with nine other young people. Apart from the two of them, Nejla Kalač, Jelena Mijušković and Elma Nurković also joined during the campaign. Their goal is to raise awareness about ecology and environmental protection. Through interesting content, the campaign will encourage people to think about this topic, as well as to go a step further and realize their ideas. Workshops will be organized and useful and creative content will be published. In addition, a competition was organized consisting of several categories, so that everyone could participate. If you are interested in this campaign, you can find more information on their Instagram profile @ekosvjesni.

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