Youth exchange in Sutomore completed

NGO Mladiinfo Montenegro organized the youth exchange within the project “Moving ideas forward: guidance to successful youth organizations” from 14 to 31 October 2018 in Sutomore


This activity was realized in cooperation with partner organizations European dialogue from the Czech Republic, European Youth Press from Germany, Café Babel international association from France, Ung Media from Sweden, Manana Youth Educational Cultural Centre from Armenia, Bue Fixe, Portugal, Youth news agency, Bosnia, Scambieuropei, Italy, and Centre for informational support of public initiatives “The third sector”, Belarus. The main goal of the training was to unite young people to think and work on identified problems youth organizations encounter. During 7 days of the exchange, participants learned on the sustainability of non-governmental organizations, how to collect funds successfully, and develop the international cooperation. Besides, participants had a chance to learn successful and efficient ways of development and management of NGO, to attain practical skills in the development of organizational strategies and new projects, to get to know opportunities offered by modern technologies for communication, planning, and supervision.

EU funds were presented to participants through various thematic workshops as well as the ways of how to apply them in the non-governmental sector throughout Europe. One of the goals of the project is the construction of the network, and improving cooperation among partner organizations in order to enhance the level of participation of the youth in the non-governmental sector, by which they also develop the ability to manage projects in their own countries. Participants worked on the elaboration of the SWOT analysis, strategy for the organization development, and on application forms dor writing project ideas they chose themselves. apart from the theoretical part, they worked in groups, and the new project ideas and strategies vanished in the team spirit. Representatives of partner organizations had the fashion show, where making fashion details in a creative manner, they presented the work of their organizations, after which they delighted in the karaoke, and evening of talents in which they participated themselves.  During the exchange, they organized student visit to the non-governmental organization CARITAS and ADRIA from Bar. These two local organizations are one of the leading organizations in Bar, and presented their former work, and achieved results.

Participants enjoyed the magic of old Bar, they visited the old olive as well as the King Nikola’s Palace in Bar. As a present, the youth from the exchange received the domestic honey, rakija, and pendants provided by the Mladiinfo Montenegro organization. This was a good chance for improving cooperation among participant countries, and connection of young people, who need to contribute to a better position, participate in social changes in their communities and spread positive vibes at the international level.

Fifty young people participated in the exchange as well as journalists, volunteers and NGO activists from France, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Slovakia, Switzerland, Armenia, Belarus, Bosnia, and Montenegro.

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