Cease the devastation of the environment

A representative of the NGO Mladiinfo Montenegro attended the conference on the occasion of presenting new services of MANS for the increase of participation of citizens in adopting public policies, and comments on the report of UNESCO regarding Montenegro, where it was concluded that the government is working on the devastation of national parks with the highway construction, while claiming that everything is done according to the law. 

Natasa Kovacevic, representative of NGO Green Home, said that the environment of long-term damage to the Tara river. Due to poor application of criminal sentencing policy and the low penalties Subcontractors are motivated to pay the fine in return for the damage they create. Monitoring in this case does not help, it is here just to provide some information, but it is obvious that no one reads these papers. In the report, UNESCO states that there is not enough data needed to perform biological and environmental monitoring as well as to the measures that have been given through monitoring are not further addressed to subcontractors and CRBC who should implement them in order to prevent further devastation of the environment. The report states that the main negative impact of the highway is the fact that the location of the ramp deviation from the route of the highway with toll facility is located in the heart of the floodplain of the river Tara, which was destroyed.

Ksenija Medenica, representative of the NGO Center for Protection and Research of Birds, said that the reports of UNESCO expressing utmost concern because the highway is a problem for the national park Durmitor. Medenica explained that there is no protection mechanism with which to manage this area. Medenica reminded that the competent ministry has not sounded after reports UNESCO, but still claim to be in this area everything is going smoothly.

Lazar Grdinić, Representative of the Research Center NGO MANS said that the prosecution is still quiet due to criminal charges that were filed by several of the NGO organization, in violation of the law. According to him, non-governmental organizations will seek to hear Pavle Radulovic, which protects the interests of contractors and Minister Osman Nurković who runs the Ministry of Transport and Maritime Affairs. Grdinić reminded that citizens will be able to engage in this story through the application “Ask the MPs”.

Lela Radulovic, a representative of MVO MANS explained that the app “Ask the MPs” can be downloaded through the Google Store. Depending on your interests, the user selects one of three topics: legal and political, economic or social. When you choose a topic and then a subtopic user receives the ranking list of MPs who most talked on this sub-topic since 15 November 2017 when the MANS started following the work of Parliament. When you click on any member from the list, obtained an option to parliamentary questions, where to enter personal information and message or question for that deputies. There is also the possibility of anonymous questioning the Prophet. The third tab is a list of delegate data index their activities or participation in the Assembly on all topics. Selecting any deputies obtained more information about his / her activities.

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