Danilo Golubović

All together, for Danilo!

The NGO Mladiinfo Montenegro, in cooperation with the Mladi Nikšića web portal, is organizing a humanitarian action for Danilo’s heart on January 19 on Freedom Square.

The action will be joined by members of the Facebook group “Za Danila” (For Danilo), DJ Olee, DJ Sleeg, DJ Black Lee, DJ Botaman, as well as singers Ismail Delija and Maša Popović, talented women of Nikšić with their handicrafts, Marija Mijajlović (nakit.mm), Nada Tadić (_missknit_) and Irena Nikolić (v._decor). Darko Joksimović will be in charge of the sound system. Nikšić caterers from Propaganda, Priča, October fest and Karma will also help. Donations will be joined by the beverage store “STR M.M.” The list is not final, because we are still contacted by humane people who want to give their contribution.

On this occasion, fellow citizens can buy drinks, as well as some of the handicrafts, which will contribute to Danilo’s treatment.

Boxes for donations and products will be placed from 9am to 9pm on Freedom Square.

The music program will start at around 11am with DJ Sleeg, Maša Popović and Ismail Delija will perform from 1pm, and the program will continue with DJ Olee until 3pm. DJ Black Lee will entertain you with his music from 3pm to 5pm, and DJ Botaman until 7pm.

We also note that, according to Danilo’s family, the Health Insurance Fund of Montenegro has not yet approved or gave them money, and Danilo is in Belgrade for treatment, from which he will submit a discharge list to the Fund, with a request to finance the costs of treatment. Even if the Fund fully covers the costs, there are many additional costs that the family certainly cannot finance on its own, and in the end, any possible surplus can be redirected to help someone else, because unfortunately there are many who need money for treatment.

We invite all those interested to join and with a modest contribution help Danilo go to Italy for treatment as soon as possible.

We are waiting for you!

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