Apply for professional training in the NGO Mladiinfo Montenegro

The NGO Mladiinfo Montenegro invites university graduates to apply for a nine-month vocational training program where they will have the opportunity to improve and work in their field.


journalism, sports journalism, translation, IT technology, management, marketing management, mathematics and computer science, languages ​​and literature, psychology, economics and other social sciences.


During the professional training organized by Mladiinfo Montenegro, trainees will acquire knowledge in the field of journalism, sports journalism, translation, proofreading, applied computing and marketing management. They will work to raise awareness of youth-related topics through participation in the organization’s activities, promote and emphasize the importance of non-formal education and work on personal and professional development.

By working on the portals, and, the trainees will work on increasing the level of information, promoting activism and a greater degree of mobility of young people.


Persons with acquired higher education who do not have work experience in a certain level of education, ie. with higher education and are on the records of the Employment Bureau, have the right to professional training. We are looking for young people with a strong desire to improve and be able to work in all areas of their interest.


Applications are submitted through the e-Government portal of Montenegro: .


November 15, 2020


The NGO Mladiinfo Montenegro was established on March 30, 2011 in order to improve the position of young people, inform, promote volunteerism and active participation in society. m!M strives to provide young people with the conditions to meet their goals and needs, as well as the manifestation of talents and opportunities, all for the benefit of society as a whole.


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