Around twenty young people learned about ecology and activism in Vucje

The NGO Mladiinfo Montenegro (m!M) realized the training “ECO ACTIVE” in the ski center Vucje from 2 to 6 October 2020. The training is part of a project of the same name supported by the Ministry of Transport and Maritime Affairs. The aim of the project is to raise the awareness of young people about the importance of physical activity, environmental protection and sustainable development goals. During the five-day camp, participants had the opportunity to listen to lectures on ecology and environmental protection, as well as on sports and physical activities and they also applied what they learned in practice.

The beginning of the first day was reserved for the address and introductory words of the president of the organization Milica Zugic, with the aim of introducing the participants to the organization, the project, as well as the agenda that will be worked on in the coming days of the camp. After that, participants worked on getting to know each other and common rules for the successful implementation of the training were established.

The second day began with a 10-kilometer walking tour. Participants got the chance to visit the surrounding hills, lakes and plains and get to know the beautiful landscapes and untouched nature that dominates this beautiful location. Also during the walk, the participants could socialize and strengthen mutual acquaintance. After a lunch break and adequate rest, the day continued with sports activities – basketball, football, volleyball and the popular game “between two fires”.

On the third day, a polygon was set up, which consisted of 12 exercises. Participants were divided into two groups with the aim of strengthening their competitive spirit, but also teamwork, as well as encouraging sports. The polygon was of a competitive nature, and in addition to the group, a polygon for individual competition of those present was created, after which prizes were distributed to the winners of both group and individual competitions. A rest and lunch break followed and then the participants visited the beautiful parts of this area. On that occasion, the young people visited the wind park on Krnovo and visited the windmills, and in addition they were lucky to see the waterfall on the river Bijela near Savnik. The third part of the day was reserved for a lecture entitled “The importance of physical activity”. Lecturer Stefan Bardak spoke about the impact of physical activities on both mental and physical health of people, especially young people. Participants had the opportunity to get answers to all questions related to this topic.

The fourth day was marked by a lecture by the director of the environmental movement Ozon, Aleksandar Perovic, who spoke about topics such as the importance of environmental protection, Montenegro as an ecological state and answered questions from camp participants who were very interested in environmental protection. When the lecture and discussion ended, the camp participants were divided into three groups with the aim of designing actions on the topic “How can we contribute to environmental protection”. A plan for the action of cleaning Trebjesa hill, which was realized on October 6, 2020, had been also devised. The day continued with training for cycling, followed by a bike tour. The evening was spent socializing and having fun.

The fifth day was reserved for evaluation of training, planning of future activities, and after returning to Niksic, the action of cleaning Trebjesa hill.

The participants were satisfied with both the socializing and the realized activities and would like to attend more similar trainings.

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