Mladiinfo Montenegro collected 25 bags of waste on Trebjesa hill

The NGO Mladiinfo Montenegro (m!M) in cooperation with the Bicycle Club Perun and the NGO “Putevima predaka” (ancestral paths) organized an action of cleaning Trebjesa hill. On that occasion, they collected over 25 bags of waste. The activity is part of the “Eco Active” project funded by the Ministry of Transport and Maritime Affairs.

Volunteers of Mladiinfo Montenegro and fellow citizens gathered at 12 o’clock in front of the entrance to the yard of the elementary school “Mileva Lajovic Lalatovic”, when the action began.

All participants received waste bags and gloves, respecting the measures of the National coordination body to wear masks, gloves and keep physical distance.

“We cleaned the base of Trebjesa, behind the school ‘Mileva Lajovic Lalatovic’. We found a large number of plastic bottles, cans, as well as packaging. Among the waste there were several protective masks, although there was also paper, clothes, shoes, everything. We collected over 25 bags, and we separated cans, plastic and wet waste for recycling”, said Milica Zugic, president of the NGO Mladiinfo Montenegro.

She said that volunteers from the organization and participants in the “Eco Active” training, which ended today, took part in the action. The training gathered about twenty young people from Podgorica, Niksic, Cetinje and Berane, who during five days learned about ecology, activism, sustainable development and practiced various sports activities – running, walking, cycling and similar. Several younger fellow citizens also responded to the action, and as Zugic added, they also received praise from the older ones, regretting that they could not join the young people. She said that they had chosen Trebjesa because it is a protected natural area and a place for sports and recreation of the people of Niksic, and yet not enough attention is paid to the lungs of this city.

The volunteers are happy with the action and the chance to contribute to their city.

“Today I am participating in this action to do a good deed, in addition to that I am gaining good experiences and new friendships. I think that these skills and contacts will be useful to me sometime in my life”, said volunteer Tijana.

With this action, Nemanja is helping his community and preserving the environment.

“Today, I am part of this action because we help not only ourselves but also the people around us, so I hereby invite everyone to volunteer, because it helps themselves and their community and humanity”, Nemanja added.

They find volunteering both fun and rewarding.

“By volunteering, I open new opportunities and new possibilities for training and a promising future”, added volunteer Monika.

All together they sent a message to their peers and to all residents of the municipality of Niksic:

“The city under Trebjesa is breathing harder and harder, and young people have decided to step on leaves, not packaging and papers. Waste in a bag, for a clean Trebjesa!”

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