Awards were presented to the winners of an online EU competition

At the awards ceremony of the online competition “How Much Do You Know About the EU”, valuable prizes were given to the winners today at the premises of the EU Info Center in Podgorica.
Marija Goranovic, an eighth grade student at the Savo Pejanovic Elementary School in Podgorica, won first place in the competition. Jovan Saranovic, a pupil of the ninth grade of the same school, was second, while Luka Dedijer, a pupil of the 9th grade of the Elementary School “Orjenski Bataljon” from Bijela in the Heceg Novi municipality, was in third place.
They were presented with three valuable prizes, three city bikes, the awards were presented to them by Chief Negotiator Aleksandar Drljevic.
“As much as the process of accession to the European Union may be difficult at times, administrative, and in some ways burdensome, in addition to meeting the criteria of opening and closing chapters, preparing various documents, sometimes it can be of great interest to the community of European states, each state individually brings in certain characteristics, differences, skills and knowledge”, Drljevic said.
During the fifteen-minute competition, 140 students of eighth and ninth grade of elementary schools answered 15 questions about the European Union.
The quiz was conducted by the General Secretariat of the Government – Sector for Public Information on the European Union and Montenegro’s Accession to the European Union within the framework of the EU4ME project funded by the European Union and implemented by UNDP.

“Membership in the European Union is the path on which we are moving, the process continues and it will continue, but it is very important for us to bring it all closer to our citizens, so they would be aware that everything we do in the European integration process is for the sake of all of us who live in Montenegro, and to bring European standards closer to all of us in some way”, Drljevic said.
He pointed out that the task of all Montenegrin citizens is to continue to build European standards in Montenegro, precisely that when Montenegro becomes a member of the European Union, Montenegro would be acceptable to all citizens and those who wish to live and create in Montenegro.
Public Information Sector on the European Union and Montenegro’s Accession to the European Union will continue to work in the forthcoming period to inform the public about the European integration of Montenegro, especially the younger population, given that this generation will benefit the most from Montenegro’s future EU membership

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