Beginners in business educated about entrepreneurship

The NGO Mladiinfo Montenegro (miM) held a workshop on “Entrepreneurship through motivation, education and examples of good practice” from 22 to 24 August 2020 at the Hotel Akapulco in Sutomore. The training was intended for women who have a business idea and want to start an independent business. The workshop is part of the “Through Business to Equality” project supported by the Ministry of Human and Minority Rights.
The lecturer was Ljubica Kostić Bukarica, president of the Association of Business Women. The training began with words of motivation and support for women, in order to overcome stereotypes and barriers in starting and developing a business. The first day was scheduled for a creative workshop, working in groups, designing and presenting business ideas. She drew special attention to the networking of women through examples of good practice. The second day was reserved for market segmentation, niche markets and communication with them. It was about defining relationships, shaping loyalty, retaining and customer satisfaction. The end of the workshop was planned for discussion and individual work.
This is the sixth and final workshop of the project “Through Business to Equality”, after which the project participants will work on their business plans together with the mentor.

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