humanitarian action for Pešić family

Clothes and shoes are collected for Pešić family from Berane

The NGO Mladiinfo Montenegro organized a humanitarian action in Berane, during which clothes and shoes were collected for Pešić family from Berane. Fellow citizens were ready to help and donate for Sanja and her four girls.

The Pešić family lives on only 53 euros a month, but a single mother tries to provide her daughters with a normal life. m!M team on December 17, set up a stand in Mojsija Zečevića Street and collected clothes and shoes. The response of the citizens was solid, so we collected two packages of clothes. We would especially like to single out the humane gesture of the owner of “Obuće Minja”, who gave a pair of new shoes from his shop to all four girls. The action continues tomorrow when our volunteers will collect food and hygiene products in the Franca market from 9 am to 7 pm.

We hereby invite all Berane citizens to show humanity and respond to the action to help Pešić family. Your little means a lot to someone!

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