m!M on the Youth Forum - Ask employers

m!M at the Youth Forum – Ask employers

A representative of the NGO Mladiinfo Montenegro attended the event, Youth Forum – Ask Employers, organized by ADP Zid within the project “WeB4YES – Initiative of Western Balkan Civil Society Organizations for Youth Employment Support”, on December 17 at the Hilton Hotel, Podgorica.

The topic of the event was a public discussion on improving the environment for youth employability and the importance of applying lifelong learning that would provide young people with a better position in the labor market.

At the beginning, the representative of ADP Zid, Božina Stešević, addressed the audience and pointed out how important the topic of young people and their employment is.

“Young people in the Western Balkans are facing numerous difficulties in the process of transition from education to the labor market. One of the key obstacles they encounter is the lack of skills that would help them move through the modern and dynamic world of work and get a favorable job”, Stesević pointed out.

After the introductory part, the present employers from different fields shared their experiences about the program of professional training and work with young people.

After addressing the employers, the young participants exchanged their opinions and impressions about working with employers.

Towards the end of the event, participants also had the opportunity to attend the online conference “Western Balkan Civil Society Organizations for Youth Employment Support”.

The panel started with the first film of grant beneficiaries implementing youth employability projects, while it was dedicated to the results of the WeB4YES project and presenting examples of good practice with an emphasis on partnerships and cooperation between civil society organizations and decision makers.

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