Cooperation with the “Volunteers 2019” organization

One of the volunteers of the “Mladiinfo Montenegro” organization, Vuk Lakovic assisted in the organization of two volleyball matches for the European Championship qualifications. One match was between women national teams of Greece and Montenegro, and the other was between men national teams of Moldova and Montenegro.

The matches were held in Budva on January 9, 2019. Our volunteer was tasked to assist in preparing the room for the matches, then, during the matches, he ran the official scoreboard in the room, and provided help for cleaning the room and taking out the equipment. He was in the “Fineso” hotel in Budva where he was provided with all three meals. This was only the beginning of the cooperation between the organizations of “Mladiinfo Montenegro” and “Volunteers 2019”, which was made official by the Memorandum on Cooperation.

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