Crime and Corruption the main obstacles on EU path

Olivera Komar from the agency De Facto said on the conference, titled “Public opinion on integrations and accession to the EU”, that crime and corruption were the main obstacles on the path to the EU. The conference was held at the EU Info Center, in Podgorica, on 05. 02. 2020.
Opinion poll was commissioned by the EU Delegation and carried out by De Facto Consultancy, from 15 to 29 December 2019. The opinion poll was carried out among 1.014 respondents.
Olivera Komar from the De Facto agency said that 66% of citizens of Montenegro held favorable view of the EU, while 26,7% had an unfavorable view, based on opinion poll, titled “Public opinion on integration and accession to the EU”.
When asked whether they were personally in favor of or opposed to the accession of Montenegro to the EU, 66,5% respondents were in favor of the accession. When asked about major problems in the state, the respondents cited unemployment and labor shortage followed by corruption and organized crime, stated Komar.
She emphasized that crime and corruption were seen as the major obstacles to the EU path. For 28,8% of respondents, the EU was epitome of “ brighter future and better life”.
Olivera Komar from the agency De Facto said that the citizens were personally approached. When asked how would they vote in an eventual referendum on EU membership, 76,2 surveyed responded “yes”, as opposed to 20% who responded “no”.
The citizens, 53,3% of them, thought that Montenegro would join EU by the year of 2025, while 10,4% thought that Montenegro would never become the member state of the EU.

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