Dialogue between NGOs and the Ministry to the solution of the problem

On the panel discussion „Public Funds and Civil Society – how the law on NGOs applies“ is concluded that is there were problems in cooperation between non – governmental sector and the ministry. The panel discussion was held on November 7. 2019. year at the premises of the CDT, attended by representative of the NGO „Mladiinfo Montenegro“.
Marija Janković from the Ministry of Public Administration said that should work to on suplementing and cooperation between NGO and the ministry. She believes that project assessors are competent that is some project good enough or it is not. However she considered that a selection test should be made for the evaluators themselves to determine their project of evaluation capacity.
„I would not want that this discussion ends with the negativity between the non – governmental sector and the ministry, but instead of that they should get into problem together and try to solvethem.“ she concluded.
Sandra Rakočević from ADP – ZID said that ministry and the Government of Montenegro are not interested in NGO members in the Commission. She considers that the Government or the person who announces the competition are in obligation to process it.
„Volunteering is activity of citizen, volunteering is not work. Each non – governmental sector has its own name and results behind it.“ she said.
The conclusion is that without communication can not get any solution to the problem, and both sides claim that they are in mood for dialogue.

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