m!M starts the implementation of the project “Through Business to Equality”

NGO Mladiinfo Montenegro has signed a contract with the Ministry of Human and Minority Rights on 11th November, 2019, in Podgorica for the implementation of the project “Through Business to Equality”.

The project aims to improve women’s entrepreneurship, and the specific objective is to raise the level of entrepreneurship knowledge and improve entrepreneurial skills among 15 women from Podgorica, Niksic and Berane.

Planned activities are: inviting and promoting invitations to participate in the project, three workshops on entrepreneurial skills, visits to Tehnopolis and Mtel Digital Factory, training for writing business plans, finalizing business plans, press conference.

The expected results are that 15 women will increase their level of entrepreneurship knowledge and improve their entrepreneurial skills, and draw up 15 business plans.

The long-term expectation is that at least five women are ready to start their own businesses.

The target group of this project are women from the municipalities of Podgorica, Niksic and Berane, 15 women will be involved, and the focus will be on newcomers in business and women victims of violence, and the project will last 8 months, will be implemented mainly in the territory of Podgorica, but some of the activities are to be implemented in Niksic, Berane and Bar.

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