Erasmus + program and volunteering workshop was held in Kolašin

On January 22. 2020, representatives of the NGO Mladiinfo Montenegro held a Erasmus + program and volunteering workshop in Kolašin, which is a part of the activities through the project “Increasing the quality of activities aimed at rural youth”.

The project “Increasing the quality of activities targeted at rural youth” aims to develop the capacity of mobile participants to respond to the needs and interests of young people in rural areas and to develop their potential through quality activities. Increasing the process of participation of young people aged 16 to 30 from rural areas in local, regional and national activities leading to personal and professional growth is also one of the important goals of the project, especially through construction activities.

The project is co-financed by the European Commission under the Erasmus + program.The workshop featured young people who were interested in learning about the Erasmus + program, volunteering and willing to actively participate in enhancing the potential of young people from rural areas. One of the participants of previous activities within this project, Daris Kajević presented the project itself and everything that was realized in the previous period. He invited all participants to take advantage of the Erasmus plus program and thus set up, learn and socialize.

In the continuation of the workshop of representatives of the NGO Mladiinfo Montenegro, young people were introduced to the possibilities offered through the mobility program. Volunteerism was also discussed and a volunteer service operating within its organization was presented.

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