Experience: Marta Martinovic

Marta Martinović, as one of the representatives of the NGO Mladiinfo Montenegro, visited Vranje (Serbia) from 14th to 22th April 2018 within the project “Less Opportunities + Media Tools = Better Opportunities”, which is implemented in partnership with the organization Youth Workers Allinace.

“Being a representative of my country and organization in one such training for me was indeed a great honor. The project in which I took part is a continuation of the meeting from the beginning of the year and encompasses, in my opinion, a very current topic on the importance of the media and the opportunities offered by them. Everyday effective work, mutual communication, good ideas that were shifting through various relaxation games have helped the atmosphere to be pleasant to work. Every minute was apparently known, and on the other hand there was always some surprise from the organizers. However, what gave the special charm to this training was the unity and complexity that existed between the mix of different cultures. This is just the beginning for me and I hope that events like this one will be even more, and that’s why I think that young people should always work on themself and spread aspects. Such gatherings of people of different faiths and nations teach us to accept diversity, to destroy all invisible barriers and to know the world around us. In the end, I would tell all young people which are eager for adventure, not to be lazy, not to be afraid of getting into the unknown, because such experiences are worth the whole life, ” said Martinović.

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