Gender equality agreements have been signed

The minister for Human and Minority Rights Mehmet Zenka has signed contracts with non-governmental organizations, which have been granted funding for projects under the Public Competition “The key is in the hands of women.” The contracts were awarded on November 11, 2019, at the CentreVille Hotel in Podgorica.

Zenka said he was pleased that the Government recognized that cooperation with the NGO sector was extremely important. The total amount of fund for the field of gender equality for 2019 amounts to 290 thousand euros, and these have been allocated for the implementation of 24 projects, evaluated by independent assessors with the highest score.

The chairwoman of the commission pointed out that the commission had a very serious task and on that basis they awarded 24 projects to the NGO sector. 60 projects from 59 non-governmental organizations applied for the competition. The ranking list was made on the basis of ratings and those who had the highest points received financial support.

NGO representative Biljana Zekovic thanked on behalf of the NGO sector for their understanding and support of the Ministry of Human Rights and Minorities, as well as the members of the commission.

“How important is this program to us through which you support these projects, first of all, that you allow us a wide range of activities because through one program, through one activity, gender issues cannot be addressed identically,” Zekovic said.

NGO Mladiinfo Montenegro also received financial support for the project “Through Business to Equality.”

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