World Kindness Day November 13th was celebrated

Representatives of the NGO “Mladiinfo Montenegro” celebrated World Kindness Day in Montenegro by setting up their booth at the Delta City Shopping Center in Podgorica from 10am to 4pm, sharing motivational messages related to Kindness Day, free hugs and taking pictures with our fellow citizens. About one hundred of our fellow citizens agreed to free hugs, pictures and messages, while there were many who refused.
Members of the NGO “Mladiinfo Montenegro” asked our fellow citizens: what does Kindness Day means to them? Our fellow citizens answered this question and expressed different opinions: that it is a day when one should show kindness to other people, send a kind word to someone, kindly answer the question asked, and that kindness should be every day, not once a year. There were answers that kindness does not exist with us, that there is little kindness, that you get an unkind and bold answer to the question asked, kindness is also present when it is of interest and there were fellow citizens who answered that for them this day represents nothing because they are used to receiving unkind and bold answers throughout the year.
World Kindness Day has been celebrated since November 13, 1988, when the first kindness conference was held in Tokyo, at the initiative of the World Kindness Movement. Celebrating World Kindness Day has been especially organized in Canada, Japan, Nigeria and Australia, and in the last few years in Italy, the United Kingdom, Singapore and India. Experts point out that it has been proven that one mutual kindness directly affects our feelings and our happiness.
World Kindness Day is a day when we need to show kindness to another person by saying a kind word, kindly answering a question, making a nice gesture, and showing respect.
We should be kind every day, not once a year

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