Invitation for the workshop “Empowering minorities”

The NGO Mladiinfo Montenegro is organizing a workshop called “Empowering Minorities”, which will be held on Friday, June 7, 2019, starting at seven o’clock in the School of Economics.

Education, Empowerment of minorities

Through conversation, informal education and acting sketches, young people will learn about tolerance, the problems faced by members of minorities as well as ways to respond adequately.
Within this workshop, young people will be introduced to two models that include “role-playing” and theatrical elements in order to facilitate understanding and acceptance of the mentioned issues. The participants will also talk about what non-governmental organizations and institutions in Montenegro can do and what they do to help minorities in certain situations.
The techniques that the attendees will learn were developed within one of the training courses within the project “Empowering Minorities: a project to improved practices for working with minorities”, which is co-financed by the EU under the Erasmus+ program. Socializing and fun are guaranteed. The workshop is free for all participants.

There are no specific conditions for this event.

No registration is required for this event.

June 7, 2019.


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