m!M held a workshop “empower minorities” in Podgorica

NGO Mladiinfo Montenegro held a workshop entitled “Empower minority” in the premises of the SUB – in the School of Economics in Podgorica, the seventh of June 2019. 
Participants of the workshop, around 30, they learned through informal training on peer violence, stigma and discrimination against minorities and models react in certain situations of bullying. 
At the beginning of the attendees had the activity called “Ninja”, which was aimed to connect the group of participants and raise energy levels. 
It was followed by a presentation of the organization, of what it deals with, its goals and the opportunities it provides young people. 
A longtime member and volunteer of the organization addressed the participants on the work of voluntary service as well as part of the activities and actions that are organized every year.
Below crossed to the activities that are developed in one of the training within the project “Empowering Minorities: A Project to Improve Practices for Work with Minorities” which was co-financed by the European Commission. 
This activity is related to the so-called “role playing”. At the beginning of the four participants took the role of thugs, members of REA population and classmate / ice. 
The situation in which the actors find the volunteers eating the school classroom in which seated a minority and his friend from the sidelines. Two of the participants had a task to be bullies who act in a certain model of behavior characteristic of bullies.
After the first performance played mini participants expressed their opinions about the win roles, attitudes and feelings. Through this part they are identified with specific roles and had the opportunity to understand how they feel bullied and minorities in a given situation. 
After this first mini performances participants representing the audience were replaced with volunteers and actively participated in the creation of new situations. 

Other volunteers have presented different models of behavior as thugs and those who are members of the majority and their potential ways to react in a situation like this one. 
Participants agreed that such situations are not pleasant but also that he’s only a simulation mainly mainly sought to defend members of minorities with emphasis on why the bully has a certain pattern of behavior. 
They were sincere in his speech that in a real situation might nevertheless aspired to be withdrawn, not to react, lest they not be the next victim. 
With participants also discussed what NGOs and government institutions work and how they can assist in resolving certain issues and empowerment of minorities.
Nikola Žarković, a volunteer in the organization with the participants shared their experience in this project and their experience with ERASMUS + program.


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