Invitation to Conference in Gradačac

Mladiinfo Montenegro invites you to apply for a conference that will take place in Gradacac, a town in northern Bosnia, from September 17 to September 21, 2017.
This is the second activity within the project implemented by NGO Memos from Germany and the Youth Office from Nuremberg within the Erasmus + program  “Brain Drain, Brain Gain + Circular Migration”.

The first activity of this project was a study visit to Macedonia organized by the Volunteer Center in Skopje in May. The event was aimed at informing young people about the current situation and better understanding of the youth sector, both in Macedonia and the countries of the Western Balkans, facing social, economic and geographical obstacles in achieving their personal and professional development. The activities of this study visit were organized in small teams that investigated the youth support system in Skopje, including experts, users and actors who are directly involved in learning issues, youth mobility and work migration.

Institute for the Development of Youth Kult is in charge of the second activity, a four-day conference, which connects more than 40 young leaders, volunteers, professionals and people working with young people.
The costs for accommodation and food are covered by the organizer.
The conference will focus on the current state of youth and migration in the countries participating in this conference. Participating countries have the task of mapping the stakeholders in their countries on the topic of “Brain Drain, Brain Gain + Circular Migration” and to present relevant statistics and factual facts at the conference.

After this conference, participants will have a clearer picture of the situation in the Balkan countries regarding the position of young people in society, as well as the attitude of organizations working with youth and youth on the topic. It will also have an insight into the dynamics of seasonal work, the relationship of qualified and unskilled workers, and what causes the deficiency in labor market professions.

The third activity is an evaluation seminar to be held in Nuremberg in January 2018.

The project is funded by the German National Agency for the Implementation of the Erasmus + Program, with the support of the European Commission. Partners in the implementation of this project are: Institute for Development of Youth Cultural and Gymnasium Coast from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Volunteer Center (Macedonia), Mladiinfo Montenegro from Montenegro, Croatian Film Association, NGO Long and Ecological Center of Vojvodina from Serbia, Youth Center Velenje ), The Nuremberg Youth Office and NGO Memos from Germany.

The interested parties can send their applications no later than 28th August 2017 by sending a CV and a motivation letter to:

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