Let's help the Mihajlović family build a home

Let’s help the Mihajlović family build a home

The NGO Mladiinfo Montenegro (m!M) is starting a humanitarian action to collect aid for the Mihajlović family from Berane. A family of five lives in the village of Zagrađe on the edge of existence, with a debt for electricity of 2000 euros and an monthly income of only 76 euros. They are not able to complete the construction of the house or to equip it.

After the organized collection action in which we collected food products and hygiene products for the Mihajlović family on October 17 this year, we had the opportunity to visit them and talk directly with them. Realizing the very difficult situation in which they find themselves without basic living conditions, we decided to launch another action to collect aid.

Namely, the family currently lives in a small dilapidated house, they do not have electricity or basic living conditions. Despite his severe disability, Milutin managed to build a new house for himself and his family with only 76 euros of income, which he received because he is a person with eighty percent of visual impairments. Milutin’s wife is also a person with a disability and has poor mobility due to problems with damage to both hips. This household has five members, three of whom are minor children. The girls are 14 and 10 and the boy is 13 years old. They help their parents by going to the forest to get firewood and picking mushrooms, and at the same time they go to the village school. The family has a debt for electricity that amounts to over 2,000 euros, which is why they do not have electricity.

Although they managed to build a new house, it is still not ready to move in. The house lacks doors, windows, construction works have not been completed, and in addition, the family needs household appliances, furniture, a wood stove and other accompanying interior needed for basic living conditions.

Therefore, the goal of this action is to raise funds necessary to settle debts for electricity, as well as donations in the form of all necessary materials, household appliances and furniture to equip a new house that would provide the family with all necessary conditions for normal life.

All interested individuals, companies and organizations that want to participate in the action and help the Mihajlović family can contact us on the phone number 068-078-424 or via e-mail pr@mladiinfo.me.

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