M M at the celebration of the Europe’s day in Podgorica

The Europe’s day in Podgorica is a series of events, and the central event is the European yard.

With Music, performances, different games, European dances and fashion show from recycled material, the youngest are today with parents and teachers in the “European yard”, in the center of Podgorica, marked the day of Europe

At the embassy of EU member states, visitors could get information about culture, history and politics of these countries, but also to meet the EU support programs.

Visitors had the opportunity to play a game of chess with the Montenegrin chess player Predrag Nikač, but also with foreign minister Srđan Darmanovic, who, as he said, has played chess since sixth.
In the most important part of the program, he reiterated earlier and the belief that Montenegro would be the next member of the European Union.

“Montenegro is a long time ago in Europe, and membership is the primary foreign political goal of our country”, Darmanovic said, adding that in the process of European integration, the entire Montenegrin society is participating and that citizens are the ones who show what path Montenegro will take.

Montenegro will be part of the EU, the mayor of Podgorica Ivan Vuković is convinced.
He said Montenegro welcomes the May 9, Europe’s day and Victory day over fascism, as ” the proudest antifascist country in the region and wider “, and as ” Adept European “.

The head of the EU delegation in Montenegro Aivo Orav reminded that the day of Europe marks every year on May 9, in memory of the declaration of Robert Schumann, the French Foreign Minister who announced the project of reconciliation and unification in Europe in 1950. – the establishment of European The coal and steel community, which has eventually outgrown the European Union.

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