M M at the conference “Protection of disabled persons from discrimination – current condition and challenges”

Youth Association with Montenegro in the framework of the project networking to better work organized the final conference “Protection of disabled persons from discrimination – current condition and challenges”.
The Conference was held today on July 12 starting at 11:00 pm in Podgorica, at the Hilton Hotel.
The final conference was aimed at promoting the body’s bodies and organizations on the results of research, conclusions and recommendations for further promotion when promoting measures and activities and reporting about the enforcement of action plans for facial protection with disabilities of discrimination and promotion of equality, as well as about experiences Discrimination persons with disabilities in practice.
“Five interviews with representatives of different ministries have been conducted, in this case the Ministry of human and minority rights, ministry of social work and care, ministry of justice, ministry of health and ministry of traffic and marine, who have been chosen due to the biggest number of activities they The most important plan or because of the way they were telling us about the enforcement activities where we considered the information incomplete but we wanted without further questions in the interview to conclude the findings or that is only based on what was available to us that moment, said marina Vujacic, executive Director Director “.
Also, research included analysis of the altered law in this period 2017/18 respectively grade quality guarantees that are changed in the previous period and of course it’s all because of disabled persons, members of their families and representatives of the organization of persons with disabilities, Vujacic added.

” Recently in the report on the work of human rights protectors last year an interesting information appeared. State-of-the-art organs that are in charge of following the illegality in this area have not established illegal acts, that a disabled person with disabilities is not Recently brought a new action plan for accessibility. I want to, and I seriously hope that we will not deal with him as much as the previous ones, or that he will be much faster realized, Milenko Vojičić project coordinator said.
Siniša Bjeković, Deputy Protector of human rights and freedom, has stated that the issue of the right axis is high on the agenda of of and respect of human rights, but that the EU standards in this area are still a distant future
Mehmed Female, minister for human and minority rights, said that the ministry for human and minority rights in the previous year allocated more than a million euros for projects in the area of protection of axis and that it is open to cooperation with the axis and their
Activities are part of the project by joining the better work that the is conducting in partnership with the center for the development of non-government organizations (CRNVO), and with financial support from the European Union, through the European Union delegation to Montenegro and with the co-financing of the ministry of public administration.

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