m! M at the conference “Security in the local community – criminological and legal perspectives”

Security problems and risks in local communities are a consequence of social change, and their adequate identification and resolution require coordinated cooperation between different subjects, said Assistant Director of the Police Directorate (UP) Nikola Janjušević at the conference “Security in the local community”.

He said at the international student conference “Security in the local community – criminological and legal perspectives”, he said that various ways and forms of security threats in local communities inevitably impact and endanger the interests of most citizens and society as a whole. “

The security problem and risks that can be identified at the level of different local communities are a consequence of social change, and their adequate identification and resolution require coordinated cooperation between various community and police entities, “Janjušević said. He recalled that UP, together with international partners 2008 implemented the project “Community Police Work.” This project was implemented in 2008 in three cities, and in 2009 it came to life in all organizational units of the UP “Police and citizens should cooperate together in resolving security problems in local communities “he said, adding that all police officers must integrate into the local community and establish contact with the citizens who stay in it.”

The establishment of a contact must be carried out in a transparent manner, in order to simultaneously link the police service with individuals and the local community as a whole, “Janjušević said.He said, during the past year, police stations carried out 1,353 planned preventive activities.” They had a series of preventive activities related to school safety, the prevention of peer violence, and the prevention of the use of narcotics in 145 elementary schools, for 7,600 pupils of the eighth and ninth grades, “said Janjušević. He said that, despite the pronounced the readiness to actively participate in resolving problems in accordance with law and competencies, UP can not alone solve the security problems in the local community, but in cooperation and in full coordination with other subjects at the level of local communities.

Assistant Minister of Education Muber Kurpejovic said that the Ministry is aware of the role of education in security issues. “Through curricula and curricula, special services in educational institutions are trying to make the youngest, and then the eldest, the significance of security and in some way we justify the basic and key human values ​​so that we do not come to the situation to even say that security in Montenegro is endangered, “she said.

Kurpejović said that higher education institutions, such as the Faculty of Law, have a special role to play.

The Faculty of Law has the role not only through the realization of studies in the field of law and security, but also through the creation of personnel who will tomorrow create a policy in the field of security. Local communities, or municipalities, are also responsible for security, “she said.

President of the Bar Association, Zdravko Begovic, said that there is no day, and that there is no mafia bust, explosion or burning of cars. He said that it is extremely important that every citizen in the city feels personal security.Begovic added that the state , for the last three years, after certain calculations, understood the gravity of the situation. “The highest authorities of the state authorities said that no one should be in front of the state and stronger than it. It can belong to any clan, to be called as it wants, but everyone has to is responsible for what it does. It is the only right way to ensure the safety of citizens, “he said.

Dean of the Legal Faulty Velimir Rakocevic, said that the concept of security has changed significantly, from the classical security of the state to the security of the individual. “The task of all of us is to create a better and safer environment that encompasses human, economic, health and environmental security today. it’s a multidisciplinary approach, “he said.

Ambassador of Slovenia to Montenegro Mitja Mocnik said that the bilateral relations between Montenegro and Slovenia are excellent and that the cooperation between municipalities and universities is very good in the two countries. He believes security of security in local communities is very important.Mocnik said that in all There are problems in countries, when security is in question. “

The fact is that the European Union is in crisis. There will probably be some changes, but seats for Montenegro in the European Parliament have already been reserved, regardless of the Bregzit and other things that will still happen, “he concluded.

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