„Natura 2000: Next steps for Montenegro“ conference held

NGO Mladiinfo Montenegro attended the conference where they discussed the protection of the nature and environment attended by the EU Delegation, Ministry of sustainable development and tourism, and Agency for the protection of nature and environment.

Ivana Vojinovic from the Directorate for environment stated that the project Natura 2000 was created with the goal of preserving endangered species, and added that the greatest ecological network was created in 1992. This year they have created the reference list for birds where they enlisted 167 bird species. The project Natura 2000 means carrying out ecological activities with the goal of preservation of environment.“The protection and preservation of environment are an important aspect for the entry of Montenegro into the EU, although even now we have many preserved natural habitats and species“, claims Ivana Vojinovic.Aivo Orav, the president of the EU Delegation stated that the project Natura 2000 is meaningful for all of us, and especially for the Montenegrin nature, and that is why it is good that they work jointly on protection of these species. The Agency for protection of nature has already received significant funds, says Orav. However, Orav had objections on this project.“The project has not achieved full capacity, because the national parks did not participate in the project, which is sad“, says the ambassador Orav.Nikola Medenica form the Agency for protection of nature and environment points out that Montenegro has rich biodiversity, and thus it is necessary to save it, and raising the awareness with people is a necessary precondition for the achievement of this goal. Medenica thanked the EU Delegation for their support and stated they expected another 200.000 euros of funds from the EU for continuing the mapping of the Montenegrin territory for preserving the species. Eniko Szijarto-Janc, the coordinator of the project stated that this is the comprehensive and the best project she worked on. The number of participants was 4000. She also thanked the Ministry of sustainable development, Agency for protection of environment and the whole Natura 2000 team.

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