učesnici obuke u vrnjačkoj banji

m! M at training in Vrnjačka Banja

Representatives of NGO Mladiinfo Montenegro, Nikola Pavićević, Radivoje Ostojić and Marija Đurišić participated in the third part of the training “Tools for Social Development”, which was held in Vrnjačka Banja from 19th to April 24th.

The organization „People to People“ Serbia from Kruševac implemented another activity in Vrnjačka Banja within the project “Tools for Social Development – Volume III” co-funded by the European Commission, Erasmus + Youth Program.

The training was attended by 27 participants from 10 European countries, from Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, France, Greece, Montenegro, Portugal, North Republic of Macedonia, Romania, Spain and Serbia.

The main goal of the project is to build capacities in the field of protection of human rights of young people with disabilities. Our volunteers worked with young people from Europe and learned about the human rights of young people with disabilities, and at the same time they had the opportunity to work with young people with disabilities, which was an invaluable experience for them.

After all foreseen activities, one of the important results of this one-year project, the European online platform, will be the place of exchange and networking of youth workers (trainers, professional associates) who have or want to gain experience in working with people with disabilities.

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