“Violence is for the weak” conference held

NGO Mladiinfo Montenegro attended the conference entitled “Violence is for the weak” organized by the Business Academy News with the support of the ministries of education and public administration in order to raise awareness of young people about bullying, with an emphasis on internet violence. 

Damir Šehović, Minister of Education said that the conference was organized in order to send a message to the young public to be a bully, in any form, is not good, it is not popular,it does not show the dominance and shows no power. 

“Violence against peers does not show anything, but your inability to otherwise communicate with others”, Šehović added.

The Minister of Public Administration Suzana Pribilović said that the department undertakes a number of activities so that Montenegro may become a real digital society, and public administration to be available to every citizen. 

“On the other hand, we make effort daily to make this environment, which is becoming more virtual, safe for work, acquiring new knowledge, exchange of information, meeting and socialization,” the Pribilović.

Head of the Group for the fight against cyber crime in the Police, Jaksa Backović, said that according to official FBI documents there are currently about 900 thousand sexual predators in the world, who usually introduce themselves as children. 

“They usually pretend to be a little older than you, they say they live in your neighborhood and that know all your friends. In this way, they try to get as much information to get closer to you and try to gain your trust, “said Backović.

Backović told the children and young people not to send personal information through social networks, not to send the photos they would later be ashamed of, as well as information about the parent bank cards. 

“Do not accept unknown persons for friends. Nobody has two thousand friends, “said Backović and urged young people to protect their profiles on social media.

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