m! M celebrated its 8th birthday

The non-governmental organization Mladiinfo Montenegro (m! M) celebrated eight years of successful work. On this occasion, a traditional voluntary blood donation campaign was organized in which about a dozen members and volunteers of the organization, as well as citizens who responded to the action, donated blood to the Institute for Transfusion.

The celebration was continued with a program that was organized on March 30th. from 16 to 19 at the University Sports and Cultural Center. Members, volunteers and guests were first addressed by Dženis Tahirović, who is in the NGO Mladiinfo Montenegro on the program of vocational training: “For eight years the organization has been active in the fields of information, education, employment, scholarships, workshops, trips, trying to involve as many young people as possible in all segments of life. As a political science student, I consider it important to promote and promote youth policy, that is globalization of youth, and globalization as such plays a key role in the rapprochement in the 21st century of young people, so we must continue to work continuously on stronger and better integration of young people on local, regional and international level.For young people, our organization is the right address where it will gain more knowledge in all of these areas.Thus, in the end, I would invite all young people full of energy, motivation and ideas for further training and work, to join the organization and be part of the same to continue with everything that the organization is doing. “

After him, Vuk Laković took the lead in the media coordinator of the volunteer service team. He presented an information service for youth opportunities that functions as part of the information program, as well as portals www.mladiniksica.me and www.mladiberana.me. “Our organization, which if I can add a proud member, offers young people a wealth of excellent opportunities for active participation, volunteering, personal development, education, employment, developing an entrepreneurial spirit, getting acquainted with different cultures, traveling, informing … These opportunities are available to all young people and promoted through our website www.mladiinfo.me as well as the opportunities for young people Mladiinfo.me represents our official site where there is a lot of information about our activities, actions, all the opportunities that can interest a young man, there is something for everyone. The other two sites, mladinikšića.me and mladiberana.me, are focused to young people from these two towns, and on all occasions that would be interesting and attractive to them. For this time I am a member of the organization can I can freely say that these are not some fairy tales but I myself have used a large part of these opportunities, “said Laković. Kristina Pavićević, a member of the organization, spoke about the program of information:” Only in 2018, over 50 young people went to various exchanges, trainings and conferences through our organization, and some of the countries that went to Greece, Italy, Germany, Poland, and the countries of the region. we also organized a large number of workshops in Montenegro, around 30 attended by over 500 young people, “Pavićević said.

Volunteer Service Coordinator Aleksandra Vojinović talked about volunteerism and volunteer actions: “Volunteerism is a non-profit activity by which individuals within a certain organization or independently contribute to the well-being of their community and the whole society. Our volunteers strive to stimulate the awareness of young people and other society through actions about our health and ourselves, so we traditionally celebrate the World Health Day, the Women’s Day when we share roses and messages with the beautiful half of our city and visit the Safe Women’s House, the Day of Diabetes, etc. We try to be humane and one of the most beautiful actions last year was “Youth in Action” when we were collecting money for the most vulnerable in Montenegro through the making and sale of pancakes.

Volunteers are good and ecologists, and through the action “Let’s do it – We are continuing differently” we called for more active participation of citizens in the life of their community and gave a small contribution to disposal and permanent waste remediation We are fighting against violence through the performance “Do not suffer – report violence” on the occasion of the Day of the Fight against Violence against Women. We are also active athletes, so the group of volunteers will be support of small countries’ games in cooperation with Volunteers2019. These are just some of the many actions we have taken in the previous year. Volunteers have their day on Dec. 5, but as the most active members of society every day, thanks to this way, I would like to thank all our volunteers who are currently 40 and we hope even more and one applause for them. “The music part of the program was opened by Matija Sekulić Himnom the young people who made the Crnogorski Youth Forum last year, and afterwards the participants were thrilled by the young hopes of Teodora Stanojevic, Vasilije Cvijovic, and Aleksa Rondovic.

The program continued with the address of Milica Žugić, President of the organization, who thanked the members, volunteers for a successful year, as and the singers and guests who enlarged the celebration.After blowing sparkles and photographing, a cake that was traditionally donated by Ana’s honeydew was cut. The program lasted until 7 pm and continued with the performance of young musicians, as well as karaoke, which included members, volunteers and guests .

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