Sarić Family

m! M delivered aid to the Sarić family

On the occasion of International Humanity Day, an NGO team from Mladiinfo Montenegro visited the Sarić family from Nikšić and presented donations that were collected as part of an action organized over the past 20 days.

Assistance in the form of clothing and footwear for this family of seven was collected by 7 August 2019 as well as 12 August on the occasion of International Youth Day.
Members of the NGO Mladiinfo Montenegro also participated in the action and collected clothes, shoes, groceries, chemistry, school supplies and books.

A large number of Nikšić citizens responded, and some of them also paid money to Sarić family.
On this occasion, NGO Mladiinfo Montenegro would like to thank the OZON Environmental Movement, whose donations were raised and whose members also contributed to the action in goods and money.

The eight-member Sarić family lives in a rented apartment, and they are beneficiaries of material income. As Rada raises six children, Marian does as much as his health allows, but still not enough to afford basic for his children. They can pay the flat from the material income. The boys are 6 years old (not going to school) and 11 years old, finished sixth grade. The girls are 8, 11, 13 and 14 years old.

Account for Family Assistance: 510230697426901418 in the name of Rada Sarić.

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