m! M organized a workshop for students of the Gymnasium in Podgorica

The NGO “Mladiinfo Montenegro” organized the event on April 27, 2018. workshop for pupils of the second and third grade of the “Slobodan Skerovic” Gymnasium.



Students of this school were presented the work of the organization, the program of volunteerism, the application “mladiinfo.me-shortcuts for opportunities”, #OMGprogram, career counseling HRpartners.
Students had the opportunity to hear information about the organization itself and how they can use its services. High school students were presented the site www.mladiinfo.me where they can find all the necessary information and instructions regarding scholarships, contests, competitions and volunteer programs.
Application was created within the project “mladiinfo.me – shortcut for occasions”, which was realized on 1st July 2017. With the application, young people will have more opportunities for training, scholarships, various volunteerings, internships, employments, contests or events. On this occasion, students received more detailed information about the application’s work, how to use it, and what is the easiest way to search for the information they need. Also, students were able to watch an animated video site that presented the application “M! M for young people”.
The program of volunteerism was presented to the participants, explained to them the importance of this type of work as well as some of the opportunities that are realized through volunteerism.
Career counseling program was also presented.
As one of the possibilities for career counseling, the Step Up Center, which offers a specific Program #OMG, was presented to the workshop participants. Through this program, secondary school students, as the end result, receive their first Career Development Plan that they can carry out independently or with the further support of the experts. During this program, participants will have the opportunity to pass testing, individual career counseling and drafting their action plan in order to best prepare for one of the most important decisions: what after high school?
High school students showed great interest in these topics and activities and expressed certain concerns that they received expert advice and answers.

m! M organized a workshop for students of the Gymnasium in Podgorica

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